Woman Uses Dramatic Side-by-Side Photos to Make a Point About Fashion Pressures on Plus-Size Women

blogger lexie manion

Thanks to countless standards set by society, women's appearances are constantly and unfairly scrutinized -- despite, you know, women having actual personalities, brains, and skills, just like their male counterparts. Not reaching those standards can affect our confidence and how we view ourselves, especially since we start seeing ourselves through the lens set by society. The standards are even more rigid for plus-size women, whose appearances are even more harshly judged.  

  • Blogger Lexie Manion addressed this reality by posting side-by-side photos of herself in baggy clothes and in more "risqué" clothes.

    Both outfits, as she labeled, are worthy of feeling confident in. Unfortunately, people and their judgments don't always let that happen, and make her feel like she should always look like the left image.

    "This world cares so much about image, so sometimes we have to conform to the pressures," Manion wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. Not doing so can leave us feeling like we're ugly, and ultimately brings down our confidence (which is not a great way to live).

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  • When plus-size women don baggy clothes, they're especially judged as being lazy and not trying hard enough.

    "I already have a strike against me for going out in public as a fat person; I'm looked down upon and shamed," she continued. "And I get another strike if I'm not dressed well."

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    But wearing baggy clothes usually isn't just from being lazy (not that anything is wrong with that either). For her and many other plus-size women, it stems from not finding clothes in their size or wanting to cover up because of social pressures. 

  • On the flip side, there's a certain expectation that a plus-size woman has to dress in risqué clothing if she accepts her body.

    "And especially now that I have embraced my body as a fat person, people also expect me to ALWAYS be wearing risqué clothing," she wrote. This only adds to the pressure of constantly having to look put-together and always making some sort of statement. 

  • But the bottom line is, as her post reminds us, those rules just need to GTFO so that you can live your life whichever way you please.

    If you want to dress in a tight sheer top, then do it and look fierce. If you want to dress in sweatpants, then rock those sweatpants and indulge in their comfort. "What matters is that you feel like a 10, or that you are working towards that number (because you deserve to feel good about yourself!)," she wrote. 

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    "Confidence isn't just how we look; it can also be seen in how we speak, and in how we treat ourselves and others," she continued. Just remember that when you're getting ready tomorrow morning.

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