Police Officer Made Homecoming Extra Special for This Single Mom & Her Son

police officer homecoming story
Clarksville Police Department/Facebook

High school homecomings require quite the preparation -- even for young men. They have to get their suits fitted, order the corsage, figure out rides -- and this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes a minor detail, such as not being able to tie a tie, can make a big difference in the evening -- but thankfully, there are kind police officers out there who are ready to (literally) offer two helping hands.


Recently, a single mom who has four children and works two full-time jobs was running around Clarksville, Tennessee, with her teenage son in order to get him all set up for his homecoming dance that night, according to a Facebook post by the Clarksville Police Department. 

Clarksville Police Department/Facebook

The two had just gotten back from the mall, where they had rushed to get his suit and tie. But at the last minute, the mother realized that neither she nor her son actually knew how to tie a tie. 

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"We went home, watched YouTube videos, and failed miserably trying to tie this tie," the mother wrote in a Facebook message to the police. 

Running out of options, the two decided to run to a local Men's Warehouse for some help. But on their way, she noticed a police officer. She desperately flagged him down and asked for his help.

"He was more than happy to," the message read. "He even took the time to show him how to do it."

"This moment means the world to me," she continued. "I didn't catch his name because I was just so happy [my son's] night wasn't going to be ruined."

high school homecoming story
Clarksville Police Department/Facebook

As a single mother who has to work so much in order to support her family, she doesn't always have a chance to experience moments like this. "Please tell him thank you for making this moment even more special."

"Police officers have to wear two hats, and helping people is one of them," the Clarksville Police Department's public information officer, Jim Knoll, told Yahoo. "With so much negativity out there, it only takes a minute or two to make an impact."

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We're sure the impact will be remembered by the boy and his family for longer than just a minute or two.

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