This Dramatic Before-&-After Photo Is What 'Body Goals' Is Actually All About

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Striving to achieve "body goals" -- or a particular size, weight, or shape -- seems to be a purely physical journey that's supposed to end with a more "beautiful" and confident you, right? As model La'Tecia Thomas knows firsthand, it's not like that -- at all. The constant physical comparisons to others is mentally tolling, and it leaves you thinking that you're not good enough unless you look a certain way. 

  • Thomas illustrated this with side-by-side photos: an old one of her getting ready for a bikini competition, and one now. Guess when she was happier.

    The answer is right now, despite people probably thinking that the smaller Thomas, which is closer to common societal "body goals," would be happier.

    "So many people will look at this photo and make physical comparisons and say they would prefer me at 'before,'" she wrote in the caption on Instagram.

    But not Thomas.

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  • "I prefer me at any weight as long as I'm happy," she wrote.

    "It's okay to love yourself no matter what your size is," she continued.

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  • At the time of the "before" photo, she wasn't happy; she was full of self-loathing because she didn't feel like she was good enough.

    "I had so many insecurities, I compared myself to other women and I lacked confidence," she wrote.

    She hated parts of her body, especially her butt and thighs because those are the hardest parts for her to lose weight in.

  • It didn't take losing more weight or a smaller size for her to achieve happiness -- it took a change in mentality.

    "Since changing my outlook on life and learning to embrace who I am, I know that, hypothetically, if I were to go back to what I used to be, I would be so much happier and content than what I was because I've learned to love me," she explained.

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    "Your mental health is just as important as your physical," she added.

    This doesn't mean not trying to be healthy anymore, but listening to your body, finding balance, and most importantly, loving yourself for how you are.

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