Woman Uses Move From 'Law & Order' to Escape a Gunpoint Mugging

woman inspired by law and order to escape mugging

When we binge watch Law & Order or another kind of crime drama series, we hope that we'd never have to play out those scenarios in our own life. Unfortunately, 32-year-old Julie Dragland of Oakland, California, had to on Saturday when she was riding the BART train and was almost mugged at gunpoint -- until she improvised with something she learned from Law & Order

  • While on the train, she was handed a scary note saying that two guns were pointed at her and she needed to discreetly hand over her stuff.

    "There are two guns pointed at you now," it said, according to a Twitter post by KTVU's Henry K. Lee. "If you want to live, hand back your wallet and phone now and do not turn around and be discreet. Do not turn around until after you have Civic Center and you will live."

    One of the suspects is believed to be a woman holding a suitcase, according to Dragland and the train's security cameras.

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  • Dragland tried to mouth "help me" to a nearby man, but he soon got off the train, and she knew she had to improvise.

  • She suddenly started shaking and crying, slumping sideways -- she was faking a seizure.

    "I closed my eyes and increased the vigor so people would pay attention," she told the San Francisco Chronicle

    "I think it had something to do with watching a lot of Law & Order," she said. "I think I saw that in an episode. I was very impressed with myself."

  • A couple noticed, and when they asked if she was alright, she silently handed them the note.

    Presumably, the robber left the train at that point.

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    Dragland later tweeted out about her experience, which Alicia Trost, who runs the communications department for the BART, saw at around 3 a.m. Trost subsequently called the watch commander and the police for Dragland

    According to a later tweet by Trost, Deputy Chief Lance Haight has never heard of such a robbery attempt in his 19-year-long career.

    We doubt he's heard of a woman saving herself with a Law & Order tactic either. Mariska Hargitay would be so proud.