Plus-Size Models Still Don't Represent Every Body Type -- & This Woman Is Pissed About It


Online shopping is a tricky gamble for anyone, but for plus-size women, it's a whole other ball game. As Valerie Dillon, or @prettylittleplus on Instagram, points out, although plus-sized women are finally getting some well-deserved love, the curvy models who are often used for plus-sized clothing have yet to represent the full scale of real-life plus-sized women. 

  • Dillon illustrates this by showing how different a plus-sized skirt looks on her compared to the model on the clothing site Torrid.

    "Even this simple skirt looks so much different on my body than it does on the model," she writes in the caption. "Don't get me wrong, she looks beautiful, but she is closer to being a straight-sized model than to being like me."

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  • She feels like the current plus-sized models are "hourglass-shaped -- which is fine and dandy, but we don't all look like that!"

    Truly embracing and catering to plus-sized women requires including more body types that go past curvy, which has become the norm for plus-sized, according to Dillon. 

    Or, as designer and writer Nicolette Mason puts it for Glamour, "How progressive is body positivity if we're affirming only one plus-size body type?"

  • "Wouldn't it be nice to see more of everyone's body shapes out there?" she writes.

    "I'd love to rewrite the narrative here because honestly, as much as society has improved over the last decade or so on accepting plus size women, we still have so far to go," she continues in her post.

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  • Other people feel similar to Dillon, experiencing the same trouble when it comes to shopping.

    "I'm just tired of seeing the same shape," one user wrote. "Like we are real people, we [don't] all look like that!" 

    "Why can't we all be represented?" another said. "The purpose of modeling is to see how something looks while on an actual body, so why do we only see things on unrealistic idolized bodies?"

    Torrid, are you listening? 

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