Woman's Side-by-Side Photos Prove Self-Acceptance Is All in Our Heads

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When we are constantly told that certain sizes, labels, and characteristics are beautiful, we beat ourselves up if we don't fit into those arbitrarily set molds. We end up thinking we'll never be good enough, and we fall into a cycle of self-hatred. Charlotte Kuhrt, a German model, experienced this firsthand as modeling agencies drilled this mentality into her head. She eventually realized that self-acceptance isn't about getting your body to a specific goal, but more about getting your mind to one. 

  • She proved this by posting side-by-side photos on Instagram; the left is a slimmer version of herself and the right is her current, "happier" self.

    The photo on the left was taken a couple of years ago, after she had lost weight. People, including modeling agencies, kept telling her, "just lose a little more and you're perfect," she wrote in her post's caption.

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  • She didn't realize it until later, but those comments trapped her in an unhealthy state of mind that she was only recently able to break from.

    "And I can still remember it was May last year when I looked at this picture on the left and I started crying, because I realized how skinny I really was and how much I hated myself back then," she wrote in the caption.

  • It was then that she realized: "I'll never fit into everyone's picture of the ideal body and the only one I have to satisfy is my own mind."

    "It all started there and it all ends with your own mind," she continued in her post.

    Valuing ourselves based on society's constructs will never lead us to happiness, only perpetual self-criticisms. We become our own worst enemy when we should be our own best friend. But as most of us know, that's easier said than done.

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  • Kuhrt still considers herself to be a work in progress, but she feels this is the most happy and at peace she's been with herself in a long time.

    Others cheered Kuhrt on for her honesty.

    "I love how you gave out your story because you help girls like me to stop worry about what people say and start loving ourselves for who we are," one person wrote. "I just wanted to let you know how inspiring that was."

    " ... I think everyone should be happy about their height and own beauty because if we accept and embrace that, we'll be happier," someone else added. 

    Hopefully, her post helps usher more people in that direction, too.

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