Mom With Crohn's Disease Shares a Sexy Selfie & Powerful Message About Body Confidence

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We all struggle to feel sexy at one time or another -- especially when our bodies have gone through serious changes, like being pregnant and giving birth. But Krystal Miller of the blog Bag Lady Mama reminds us in a recent post on Facebook that sexiness stems from confidence.

  • To prove her point, the mother of two, who has Crohn's disease, shared a sexy selfie of herself with her stoma bag.

    She wants the photo to help redefine what beauty is. As she explains to CafeMom, a lot of women -- even without a bag -- see themselves through such a negative and critical light, but they don't do that when they look at other people. She thinks we should shift that perception, and find ourselves sexy first.

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  • Miller was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when she was 12, and it's been an "obviously very slow process" to feel confident and worthy.

    At first, she struggled with having a stoma. "I've felt disgust at my scars and bag and feared no one could find me desirable," she writes in her post.

    But now, she realizes that her stoma bag actually helps her "weed out the assholes" from her life, and no longer affects how sexy she should feel.

  • Her "moment of clarity," as she calls it, came the night after her 24th birthday.

    Her boyfriend at the time had just dumped her, because he couldn't handle the fact that she had a bag. So, she did what anyone else would do and went out to a nightclub. There, she met a "really, really sexy navy boy," and the two danced all night.

    When he asked her to go home together, she got self-conscious and confessed about the bag. His response? "I know, I've had my hands on your body all night," she recalls. (You can guess what happened next.) Of his nonchalance, she says, "It was very liberating."

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  • In short, feeling sexy isn't about how you look. It's about how confident you are -- and that should come totally from within.

    "I've also looked at my bag and my scars and my battered body and felt love and appreciation," she writes in her post. "I've appreciated how far I've come and how I'm not close to dying anymore."

    "People will love you for you who you are," she tells CafeMom. "You don't have to force people [to like you] for who you are. If you are confident, even if you're faking, people will find you sexy." Preach, mama!

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