These Ballerinas & Their Giant 'Tampons' Make It Impossible Not to Love Your Period

the clams

Despite the fact that menstruation is 100 percent natural and a part of life, many women still feel like they'll be shamed if they're out and proud about having their period. However, 30 women in Australia, aka The Clams, are turning "that time of month" into aquatic performances that would make Aunt Flo incredibly proud. 

  • The Clams was originally a feminist book club that turned into a water ballet troupe.

    After a year of joking that no one actually read the same book, they switched their MO to ... water ballet! Their performances focus solely on periods in hopes of ending the taboo around menstruation.

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    "It started as a fun, silly, ridiculous thing among friends to make our summer great," Joanna Cooney, one of The Clams, told BuzzFeed. "But we recognize there are people who don't have access to this stuff and fall through the cracks." 

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  • Other than being wildly creative, the women also donate ticket sales toward purchasing pads and tampons for women who can't afford them otherwise.

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    In Australia, there's a 10 percent tampon tax, because feminine sanitary products are considered a "luxury" item.

    "We are embarrassed that there are women here (in Australia) who are living without basic necessities like pads and tampons, to facilitate this very basic body function," Francis van Beek, creator of The Clams, tells Mimp magazine.

    The organization they work with is called Share the Dignity.

  • In their performances, the women use props such as giant tampons and a long piece of red fabric that symbolizes none other than period blood.

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    Just to be clear, the giant tampons are pool floats.

    And their soundtrack is synced up to the four stages of a woman's monthly cycle, reports Metro.

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  • "What we want to do now though is actually own the period, without even acknowledging there's anything to be embarrassed about," van Beek says.

    "Because there isn't," she tells Mimp.

  • Keep smashing the patriarchy with your giant tampon-shaped pool floats, ladies.