Personal Trainer Tells Bride-to-Be She 'Can't Be Happy' With the Way She Looks

cassandra young

Getting engaged should be an exciting, celebratory moment -- after all, you're about to marry someone you love while surrounded by your friends and family. So the last thing any engaged person deserves to hear is criticism on her body prior to her big day. (On that note, that's the last thing anyone ever needs to hear.) But this is what happened to Cassie Young, who recently got engaged to her boyfriend of about 10 years and then received a very rude direct message over Twitter. To say she handled it with grace is an understatement. 

  • Over Twitter, a personal trainer reached out to Young and gave an unsolicited offer to get her "in shape" for her wedding day.

    "I want you to look your best on your wedding day," he said, according to her Instagram post

    She politely declined, but he wasn't giving up on criticizing her wedding photos that will "last centuries. Your children's children's children will still have those pictures."

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  • Young reminded him (and the world) that our outer appearance has nothing to do with being able to look our best, or even living a happy life.

    "I know I'll look my best because I'll be so happy I get to marry the man I love!" she replied to him. 

    "I know it's probably hard for you to understand this, but it's taken me a long time to love my body," she continued, adding how people are constantly shaming her for how she looks -- but she won't let that happen on a day as important as her wedding day.

    "But the idea of me being embarrassed by my wedding pictures because I might be 'fat' in them and people centuries from now will be ridiculing me?" she went on. "I plan on living the kind of life that will have people talking about how I lived it to my fullest and my legacy, not about the fact that I have a tummy."

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  • The relentless personal trainer kept pushing for her to lose weight, saying there's no way "big body acceptance people" are happy with themselves.

    To that, she replied, "Why should I not be happy with the way I look? We're such a fat-phobic society."

  • "I'm sad for you that your self-worth is wrapped up in your appearance," she told him.

    It leads to a "cycle of self-loathing." And life is too short for that. 

    On that note, fat-shaming is a "shitty thing to do, and even shittier to try to convince someone otherwise so you can profit off it," she said. "Get some morals."

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  • Young shared her story to encourage others to stop listening to societal standards and people who say we can't be happy with just how we are.

    "You are worthy," she wrote in the post's caption. "Love is out there for you. Life is waiting with open arms."

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