Woman Who Lost Over 100 Pounds Shares Why She Sees Loose Skin as a Battle Scar

woman lost over 100 pounds

Our skin is the canvas to our body. The marks and scars left on it -- whether purposefully done via tattoos or naturally done through time and change -- represent what we've been through and who we are. But in a world where media perpetuates the idea that taut, hairless, and sun-kissed skin is attractive, loose skin -- whether left behind as the result of weight loss or pregnancy -- can be difficult to accept. And that's why it was so heartening to see Jovana Borojevic, aka @jovanafit, share photos of her own "loose-skinned tum tum" as something not to fear, but to embrace.  

  • The Toronto native posted the photos as a response to women who constantly ask her how she keeps a flat stomach ...

    ... and to the women who are afraid of starting their own weight loss journey because of the possibility of gaining loose skin.

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  • "Never put your appearance in front of your health," she wrote.

    "Living a health life and improving your quality of life is always more important. Don't let the fear of loose skin (or stretch marks) stop you."

    Any major body change, such as weight loss or pregnancy, will most likely result in physical changes. "It is pretty much a part of the territory when it comes to major weight loss," she continued. 

  • That being said, Borojevic views her own loose skin as a "battle scar" of her personal weight loss journey.

    "It will always remind me of how far I've come and how much work I put in," she wrote. "And I love it."

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  • Borojevic encourages people to "love your body at every stage."

    She went on to write, "Be kind to yourself and practice loving yourself at every stage."

    This mentality goes for any folks who feel self-conscious about the changes left on their bodies -- and not just through weight loss, but also from having post-baby tummies. In any case, you can think of it as your battle scar, as she says.

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