Woman Proves the BMI Scale Is Total BS With a Dramatic Transformation Photo

maeve madden

Do you remember the days when the doctor would take your weight and height, and then use those numbers to locate a certain spot on a chart that indicated how "healthy" you were? 

Those were the days of calculating your BMI, or body mass index, as a means of screening someone for obesity. Now people are finally beginning to realize that BMI is actually not a very good indicator of someone's health at all because it doesn't account for muscle (which is denser) or being "skinny fat."  

  • Personal trainer Maeve Madden illustrates this discrepancy with side-by-side transformation photos in which her more fit self has a heavier BMI.

    While visiting the doctor for her polycystic ovary syndrome and hormonal acne breakout, she was weighed for a new BMI measurement, according to her Instagram post. After removing her clothes and shoes, she was determined a 26 on the BMI scale, which categorized her at overweight. 

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  • She found this shocking, being that she's "super fit and healthy" now, especially compared to when she was considered "normal."

    "I'm kinda disgusted because I had come so far, I feel so strong and full of energy and I am happy the way I am now compared to then!" she wrote in the caption.

  • Her "then" photo represented a woman only doing cardio workouts and barely eating, yet doctors considered her BMI as "normal."

    She's now declaring BMI scales to be "flawed" and embarrassing." 

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    "So I laughed it off but I really should have said, 'I embrace and love my body, I work out, not because I wanna lose weight or be a certain shape but because I love to feel strong and healthy!'"

  • "My worth is not measured by a number on a scale!" she said.

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    "Shout-out to all the girls who are out there trying and loving themselves in a world that is constantly telling them not to!" 

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