People Had the Nerve to Call This Pregnant Meteorologist 'Disgusting'


pregnant meteorologist
Meteorologist Kelsey McEwen of Canada's Your Morning breakfast show was recently the target of an abusive Twitter commenter who attempted to shame her for her pregnant fashion choices. 

But McEwen wasn't about to let it slip under the radar. 

  • Kindly blocking out the Twitter user's handle, McEwen shared the tweet on her own Twitter page to call out just how terrible a comment like this is.

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  • McEwen had the ultimate classy response.


    In a thread, McEwen went on to explain that this type of bully isn't just harmful to pregnant women -- it stings women of every status, shape, and size. 

    "Our bodies are no one's business, pregnant or not. Self worth is not defined by our shape, number on the scale or size of clothing."

    And while most folks were very supportive of the meteorologist, there were a few commenters who agreed with the atrocious tweet, calling her attire unprofessional and worse.

  • However, McEwen noted to 9Honey News that she found the commentary "laughable," especially in the face of what's going on regularly.

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    On Twitter, she wrote, "And while yes, many aspects of pregnancy can be 'disgusting' (hemorroids, peeing accidentally, gas & heartburn), my growing belly is NOT."

    She continued: "You know what IS disgusting? Hate. Racism. Terrorism. Bullying." 

  • Clearly, this mama has her priorities straight.


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