This Woman's Intimate Photo Reminds Us That Breasts 'Come in All Shapes & Sizes'

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Open up any magazine, turn on any movie, or even just glance over at the nearest clothing ad and you'll probably agree that we're constantly surrounded by one, very sexualized ideal set of boobs: smooth, round, and perky.

If we don't meet these standards, then we often end up feeling lesser than.

  • Milly Smith (@selfloveclubb) shared an unedited image of her own breasts to remind us that each boob really is beautiful and serves its own purpose.

    "I've always been self-conscious of my breasts as they grew quickly and I had red stretch marks all over my chest, a place that we don't really talk about in regards to stretch marks," she wrote in the Instagram caption.

    "The only images of breasts I was seeing in the media were large breasts on slim women, perfectly round with hella cleavage and somehow defying gravity in a strapless bra," she added.

    Most of us can probably agree that while those breasts do exist, many other types do as well.

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  • She added that the sexualization of this single type of breasts can make others "feel very unsexy."

    "Women's breasts are not inherently sexual, stop sexualizing nudity," she continued.

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  • "Breasts come in all shapes and sizes," she said.

    "There's marks, scars, sagging, unevenness, large nipples, dark nipples, big and small, perky and saggy," she said. 

    To her, her breasts represent what she's been through in her life, including giving birth to and breastfeeding her son, and battling her eating disorder. 

  • Instead of being ashamed of these marks or scars, she's using them as reminders as to why she should love her breasts.

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    "These breasts fed my son, they nourished him, and helped him thrive," she said. "They've been through it all with me, and I love them. They've served a great purpose and I won't be embarrassed of them anymore."

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