Woman Almost Underwent a Painful Spinal Surgery Until 3 Unsuspecting Doctors Intervened

aneurysmal bone cyst

Health issues when it comes to your kids can be downright terrifying. Treatments can be risky, and you might not be sure of what the right choice is.

Luckily, there are doctors out there who are looking out for their patients -- even if it means taking unconventional routes.

  • This is what happened to Imgur user heyyomayoo when she was 13 years old, and doctors told her she had an aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC).

    ABCs are noncancerous cysts that can cause pain and swelling on the bone, and typically require surgery to be removed.

    Her two options were basically to risk having her spine possibly fracture, or to have metal rods fused to her spinal bones, which would decrease her neck mobility and also have to be replaced as she grew taller.

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    "Not fun," heyyomayo wrote. "But it seemed I didn't have another option."

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  • Until three anesthesiologists overheard another doctor chatting about a different option. They convinced her doctors to try it instead of surgery.

    These "real heroes" (as she called the anesthesiologists) even got the surgery immediately postponed to consider the option. 

    Doctors then used a probe to successfully freeze the cyst on her spine -- no spinal fusing necessary. 

  • The treatment left her with a big scar on the back of her neck, but doctors used regenerative technology called A Cell to revise the scar.

    A Cell has helped patients regrow certain tissues, sometimes actual fingers. 

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  • Years later, and she is as mobile as ever. She hopes to spread awareness about her method of treatment so other kids can recover as well as she has.

    "I truly hope someone who is in my situation sees this and talks to their doc about this treatment method instead of not being able to move your neck ever again," she wrote. "I really don't want them to keep doing the traditional treatment on young kids."