If Your Man Eats a Healthy Diet, He May Smell Sexier to You

woman feeding man

You already know that the food you eat impacts your health, but did you know that it also affects your romantic endeavors?

(And we don't mean garlic breath.)


According to a new study by researchers at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, your diet affects your body odor -- which is picked up on by potential romantic partners, especially women, NPR reported.

The most attractive diet allegedly consists of fruits and vegetables, and the least attractive is one filled with carbs.

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The idea is that our sweat gives an indication of our health status, which does play a role in how we choose a mate, or rather how a mate chooses us, evolutionarily speaking.

In the study, researchers gathered 43 healthy young men and examined their skin using a spectrophotometer, which uses a special light to find carotenoids (pigments from plants) on the skin. So, if you eat a lot of colorful veggies, your skin will reflect the color back. The men also filled out a survey on their eating habits before throwing on a clean shirt and being asked to exercise.

After the men broke a sweat, nine women were asked to smell, describe, and rate the sweaty shirts. 

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"Women basically found that men who ate more vegetables smelled nicer," Ian Stephen, an author of the study, told NPR. 

Meat-heavy diets caused the men's odor to be more intense, but didn't exactly turn women off. (Meat sweats, anyone?)

Don't worry, it's not like your skin smells like the burger you just ate; body odor comes from the bacteria metabolizing the sweat compounds when it's excreted out of your glands. 

Bon appetit, I guess?

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