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  • "I'm not known to wear form-fitting clothes," Johnson wrote. "At all. But I wanted it, so I bought it. And I was proud of myself for it."

    This mentality hasn't been easy for Johnson, who said she is currently at her heaviest weight (when she wasn't pregnant, obviously), and has previously battled with body image issues. 

    "Another truth is that I've always struggled with my weight, and if you've ever struggled with your weight, you know it's not a physical struggle," she said. "It's about how you see yourself and how you speak to yourself in your mind." 

    "And it's exhausting," she added.

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  • Wearing the dress represents her muting all negative comments about herself: "I've decided to start being kind to myself."

    As a work-from-home mom, Johnson could "spend two hours a day at the gym if I wanted to," and she could avoid wearing things that society tells her she shouldn't wear -- or she could focus on more important things that matter: like her framing business, her marriage, her family, and overall, enjoying life.

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  • Johnson hopes her post reaches other women who feel self-conscious about wearing certain items of clothing.

    "If I can put on a dress I have no business wearing to go out with my husband or to go to a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant with my best friend because it makes me feel good, you can too," she said.

    "If the hard part is talking yourself into it, tell yourself life's too short to worry about things you have no business wearing," she added.

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