This Guy Brilliantly Trolls His GF's #FitSpo Account & It's Hysterical


From "clean eating" to side-by-side transformation photos and early sunrise yoga pics, I think most of us can agree that Instagram has gone to the #Fitspo dogs. 

So one Men's Health journalist and "Instagram Husband" has brought it upon himself to start a refreshing -- and absolutely hilarious -- parody health and wellness Instagram account. 

  • Meet Edward Lane, or wellness_ted on Instagram.

    According to his bio, he's a "knowledge-free nutritionist" and "unqualified PT," or personal trainer.

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  • Lane was first introduced to the #Fitspo world about 18 months ago thanks to his own wellness influencer girlfriend, Amy Hopkinson, aka wellness_ed.

    Lane considers himself Hopkinson's "Chief Photographer or Despondent Instagram Husband," which taught him just how comical the behind-the-scenes can be in order to get that perfect Insta-worthy shot. 

    "All of a sudden I was having to stand on the sofa behind her to get a good angle of some porridge unsanitarily close to her feet, or awkwardly skulk behind her to avoid being caught on her morning story," he said, according to Mashable. "I thought the whole thing was insane."

    And thus, a dream was born.

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  • Lane's Instagram is just like any other #Fitspo Instagram, just with indulgent food, booze, and drawn-on abs.

    Definitely a little more relatable than some other Instagram accounts out there.

  • Each photo also comes with an incredibly clever caption.

    Instead of typical #Fitspiration captions about working out at the crack of dawn, Lane talks about eating "gluten-free steak dinners" and having a "blood alcohol level of 69 percent."


  • I mean, just look at the time when he went paleo by eating dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.

    "Dinosaur is a muscle-building delicacy I can't recommend more," he wrote. 


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  • If he doesn't deserve a tap on the "follow" button, then I don't know what does.

    Keep on inspiring, Lane.