Husband Honors Wife's Struggles With Ovarian Cysts With a Beautiful Photo

Samantha Caracci Ovarian Cysts
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For Samantha Caracci, who has been fighting ovarian cysts for the past few years, this rings especially true. Her battle has taken an understandable toll on her spirit and self-esteem.

  • On one of her most defeating nights, Caracci's husband Rob took a photo of her as evidence that she's still beautiful no matter what.

    The night was meant to be a romantic date night, but Caracci and her husband had to go to the ER because she was experiencing excruciating pain. The doctors told her she had a mass in her right ovary that needed to be removed by a specialist.

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    "When we got home from the hospital, I was crying and upset with my body," she wrote in the caption. "I felt like it was ugly, scarred, and completly broken, I felt like it failed me."

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  • Rob begged to differ.

    "Come here, baby, let me take your picture so I can show you the things I think are beautiful about your body," he had said, according to her Instagram post. Then he went on to list the countless ways he finds her beautiful. 

  • The support was invaluable to Caracci, who has gone through countless doctor visits and birth controls.

    "Since having my youngest and last child, my body has been a mess," she wrote. "I've been getting ovarian cysts every 2-3 weeks and doctors can't tell me why."

    Doctors continued to just tell her to "toughen up," she told Popsugar.

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    In hopes of recovering, she's also had her left ovary, Fallopian tubes, and gallbladder removed. So the news about her right ovary was especially difficult to swallow.

  • Caracci hopes her story brings more awareness and understanding to the strong women who endure this medical condition.

    "Ladies, that's the kind of man that you deserve," she said. "A man that will pick you up no matter what, endlessly tell you how perfect you are."

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