Fitness Trainer Silences Troll Who Called Her Cellulite 'Unnatural'

Jessie Kneeland cellulite
In a world of photoshopping and airbrushing, it can be hard enough to accept your body as a beautiful terrain of marks and scars. Even when you do, there'll always be some troll out there ready to criticize it anyway

  • This is exactly what happened when fitness trainer Jessi Kneeland recently posted an empowering Instagram photo about accepting her thigh cellulite.

    In the post, Kneeland urged others to rethink the negative stigma associated with having cellulite, which she dubbed "fancy fat": "Fancy fat is just a natural, healthy, built-in decoration. (Or at least that's how I choose to see it.)"

    She went on to write: "There is absolutely nothing objectively true about statements like 'cellulite is ugly' or 'perfectly smooth and toned is more attractive. Those are just examples of a social reality we pass along to each other so often, that our brains start to believe they must be true, they're 'natural' or they're 'just the way things are.' But they're not."

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  • While most people loved her post, there was an entitled troll who body-shamed her and call her cellulite "unhealthy" and "not natural."

    The commenter said:

    "Spin it anyway you want, having unhealthy body fat like that is not natural, it's because you eat or used to eat shitty food and your body has stored it!" 

    In a short exchange between Kneeland and the commenter, he said, "Making people feel good about themselves is one thing, but people should not just accept that they have fat and cellulite! Eat good food and get active!" 

    The comment served as proof as to why we often feel ashamed about our body's so-called imperfections.

  • So Kneeland prompty shut him down by posting a full-frontal mirror selfie of her fitness trainer body.

    In the caption, she wrote, "Me and my 'unnatural, unhealthy body fat' are just gonna be over here helping women understand that there is NOTHING wrong with cellulite (or anything else about their bodies!) and that trolls like you are ignorant and uneducated."

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    As for the guy who felt he just had to comment on her body, she continued, "Also I'll keep spinning my body as 'none of your damn business.'"

  • Thankfully, she received a ton of support.

    Others loved Kneeland's brilliant response to her troll. "Wow, he sounds so ignorant and insecure ... Keep being you!!" one wrote. "Love your posts and wise words!"

    Another said, "Men have such a toxic view of what a woman should or shouldn't look like, according to the media. Wouldn't you rather have a woman who is happy and mentally healthy and comfortable and accepting of her own body? Women are meant to carry fat. Forget that, people are meant to carry fat."

    The next time trolls feel so compelled to comment on another woman's cellulite, they might want to look toward Kneeland's Instagram first. 

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