This Woman Legit BITES Celebrities for a Living & We're Eerily Intrigued
Dr. Dot/ Facebook; DrDotMusic/Youtube
The old adage "beauty is pain" takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to "treatment" from a massage therapist known as Dr. Dot.  And she cannot wait to sink her teeth into new clients -- literally. 

  • The entrepreneur claims to give clients the best massages of their lives by using her teeth -- something she's done since she was a child.

    "My mother would always ask me to walk on her back each night after her long day," Dr. Dot told CafeMom. "This started around age 5. I remember as we lived at my grandad's house until I was 5 and it all started there. She said my hands were not strong enough for her and so she just had me bite her whole back every night for relief."

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  • And if your initial reaction is to wonder who would actually get that done, the answer is a lot of people -- including A-list celebrities.

    As an avid music fan, Dr. Dot was really inspired to take her biting massages on the road as a way to get closer to bands she loved -- without dong the, er, "typical" groupie things. 

  • Dr. Dot has worked with everyone from Justin Timberlake to Jay-Z to the Misifits, and has an army of "Dot Bots" working her massage empire.

    Dr. Dot never, ever breaks skin, and says using her teeth helps stimulate blood flow for a more satisfying massage. 

    "Jaw muscles are much, much stronger than any hands. The jaws can go deeper and stronger," she explains.

  • While it is certainly unconventional, it's no less authentic. Dr. Dot's only mission is to help her clients, be they celebs or average folks alike.

    "Part of being a nurturing soul means getting up close to people and healing them no matter what it takes. You put them first."

    You can book an appointment here with her or one of her staff members.