This Bra May Actually Save You From Sexual Assault

bra preventing sexual assault
In a more than alarming statistic, RAINN reports that in America, one out of every six women and 3 percent of men have been victims of an attempted or completed rape. While we should be working to figure out ways dismantle rape culture and take the onus off victims, it is good to know that there are those seeking out creative solutions. This bra, or rather this incredible sensor-triggered sticker, may just be one of them. 

  • MIT scientists, led by researcher Manisha Mohan, developed a sticker that can sense "force," alerting others if clothing is removed without consent.

    Though, we should note it can technically attach to any article of clothing. 

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  • Using sensors and a microprocessor, the chip memorizes how you routinely take off your clothes -- that way it can detect irregular force.

  • It then sends a signal to your phone and gives your 20 seconds to confirm consent. If you can't get to your phone, the sticker sounds off an alarm.

    It also starts contacting five designated people you trust, and after that, your phone starts recording you while calling one of your responsive contacts. 

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    Should there be a misunderstanding, you have 20 seconds to turn off the alarm via your phone. 

  • Check out the full video here for more details on how this amazing product works:

    Hopefully a fully developed sticker will be available to the masses soon. 

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