This Dude Actually Thinks Plus-Size Models Exist for Men & It'll Make Your Blood Boil

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Body diversity is slowly becoming the new norm. After years of being told we aren't good enough as we are, women are finally seeing other women of various sizes, shapes, ethnicity, and abilities pop up in mainstream media. 

However, according to David Hookstead of the gossip site The Smoke Room, this "national tragedy" needs to stop. Why? Because evidently plus-size models just aren't giving men the boners they deserve -- and if we aren't satisfying the male sexual appetite, what's the point of even existing?

  • In response to Sports Illustrated's shift to diverse models, Hookstead penned "Everybody Needs to Stop the 'Plus-Size Models Are Awesome' Garbage."

    In it, he laments: 

    "For some inexplicable reason, American entertainment outlets think male consumers are entertained by 'plus-sized' models. They're not. Trust me when I say that there's a reason men read the Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine, and it has nothing to do with the seemingly unending supply of bigger models."

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  • He quickly ensures readers that he isn't suggesting obese people are bad -- just that men have no interest in seeing them whatsoever.

    "Men love football, alcohol and the women in bikinis that they don't see walking around the town. If I can look out the windows of my office building and see six people similar to a woman featured in Sports Illustrated, then put simply, that woman has no business being in Sports Illustrated."

  • But of course he turned the conversation right over to "promoting obesity," using model Tabria Majors's figure to reiterate his point.

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    "Call me an idiot or a pig, but I don't think celebrating obesity is a wise idea. I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty confident being Majors' size is not a sign of a healthy lifestyle."

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  • Okay, Idiot Pig, let me break it down for you.

    Firstly, Majors's lifestyle and appearance are not necessarily correlated. Plus-size women can be healthy. Read about it. 

    Secondly (and far more importantly), no woman of any size exists for your (or any other man's) pleasure. You aren't leading some valiant crusade by saying plus-size models need to be stopped -- you're literally telling women who don't fit the stereotypical European beauty standard that they don't exist. That they don't matter.

  • Plus-size models don't exist to get YOUR specific penis hard -- they exist because representation matters, and others find body diversity attractive.

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    "We're pretty confident that, the more TV you watch, the more media you consume, the more likely it is that media -- almost like radiation -- builds up," Darnell Hunt, director of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA, told the Huffington Post. "And the accumulated effect is to make you feel that what you're seeing is somewhat normal."

  • Your comparison that if you were to balloon to 400 lbs you wouldn't expect to be drafted in the NFL is weak at best.

    There are plenty of successful "fat" NFL players, as size doesn't dictate ability. Dealing with beauty standards is slightly different. 

    Sports Illustrated including a range of women is empowering and challenging beauty standards because they are an abstract social construct. One you evidently bought into. 

  • You, by the way, are allowed to only be attracted to the women you cite as "acceptable" in your ill-informed article.

    A post shared by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on

    You are in NO WAY required to find plus-size women attractive. There is nothing wrong with liking women who look like Kate Upton; they are beautiful and worthy of admiration and respect. 

    You are required, however, to be respectful of other people's right to be seen and admired. You don't speak for all of mankind, dearest Idiot Pig. You don't get to push us out because we don't work for you. 

    In fact, considering the increase in inclusivity, I'd say your opinion is in the minority. 

  • Case in point:

  • Frankly, it doesn't matter if you, Idiot Pig, or a muscle man or any other man finds us attractive.

    We exist. We deserve to be celebrated and seen. 

    And you're just going to have to deal with it. 

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