This Woman's Weight Loss Transformation Proves the Number on the Scale Is BS

shelby eckard

Shelby Eckard has had a tumultuous relationship with her body. She regularly documents her struggles with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) under the name PCOS Support Girl, and often shares her triumphs and struggles with her body. And as someone who has struggled with body positivity, she acknowledges that facing the dreaded scale has been one of her hardest battles yet. However, she recently posted a side-by-side transformation photo that will change the way you think about the scale forever. 

  • Eckard posted this photo showing drastically different bodies with a mere 3 lb difference.

    And in her signature humorous and sardonic style, she reflected on what the scale used to do, unnecessarily, to her: 

    "Do you do the scale dance? Get on. Get off. 'Oh f*ck I still have my undies on take 'em off. That's for sure a few ounces.' Get back on. 'Maybe I need to pee.' Get back on. 

    "Wake up happy feeling good. Get on. Mood destroyed. Day ruined. Asshole mode activated. Don't like the reading on that little dumb ass screen? Restrict. Punish. Overdo. Overthink. Overstress."

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  • Luckily, Eckard ditched the scale (and all the other ways to physically measure the body) in favor of something else: happiness.

    She writes:

    "Numbers mean absolutely nothing if you aren't living and being and doing things that are healthy FOR YOU. Healthy is not this finite measurable number equated by a scale, graph, chart, 'Bob' from the internet or biggest loser (no offense Bob, I love you boo). It's about living and being where your life is a reflection of living and being the happiest healthiest way you can."

  • Because frankly, you can't put a number on self-worth.

    "I've gained lbs," she writes. "I've also gained muscle. Knowledge. Self-love. Appreciation for exercise and nutrition in a 'I do it to feel good and love my body' vs. 'I gotta do this shit to fix me.' If numbers are f*cking with your health, whether mental physical or emotional, stop doing math. Stop. It means nothing."

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  • So if you're fighting to make peace with the scale, keep this advice in mind:

    "What means everything is keeping perspective about what is important. Are you happy? Are you living in a way that makes you feel good -- mind, body and spirit? If numbers didn't exist, would you feel good about yourself, your reflection, and your worth?"

    And if the answer is yes, the problem isn't you -- it's the damn scale.