A Husband Called Out His Wife for Body-Shaming Herself in Front of Their Daughters

anna lind thomas
HaHas for HooHas by Anna Lind Thomas/ Facebook
Loving yourself is not always easy -- but being your own worst critic sure is. Sometimes we forget that the things we say about ourselves can actually negatively impact others, especially our little ones. But mom, comedian, and podcast host Anna Lind Thomas got the exact reminder she needed. 

  • In a candid confessional video, she recalled a time when she mercilessly body-shamed herself over a photo.

    After her toddler had gotten ahold of her phone and opened up some photos, Anna was mindlessly scrolling through the pics when she stumbled across one she had never seen of herself. 

    "Have you ever seen a photo of yourself that's so shocking you have an identity crisis? I just saw this photo and I thought 'there's just no way that's me.'"

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  • "I'm a humor writer, I am self-deprecating, and it is one thing when you are making jokes about yourself you don't take too seriously..."

    "... but there's another when you're really just disgusted with yourself."

  • And that's when she really laid into herself.

    As Anna explained of her reaction in front of her husband Rob and their daughter: "So I'm looking at this photo and I'm just like, 'Oh my God, Rob ... what am I, like 800 lbs?! Do you need to cut out a wall....' I was just being nasty."

    And, while she often jokes about her husband's goofy antics (like not being able to find the mayo in the fridge), this time he laid down some gospel-level truth.

    "I'm going on and on and on," Anna explains, "and Rob stops me and he says, 'I need you to do me a favor. Don't ever talk about yourself like that in front of our girls again because they are listening.'"

  • The simple request really made her pause.

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    "They see us as beautiful," she simply stated. She then went on explain when we start tearing ourselves down in front of them, we are only warping their perceptions of their own bodies -- something that really clicked with her after her hubby spoke up. 

    Anna, we'd say your man is a keeper (even if he can't find the mayo).

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