Mom's Bikini Transformation Will Give You More Than Just 'Body Goals'


On Tuesdays, our Instagram feeds get flooded with #TransformationTuesday photos, showcasing coveted "before and after" pictures. For a lot of people, those photos are anything but motivating -- often times they only reinforce the notion that their bodies aren't "enough" just the way they are. Thanks to badass moms like Allison Kimmey, though, these comparison photos are getting their own makeover -- and will make you appreciate the here and now. 

  • The mom of two posted her previous self at a size 6/8 versus her current size at 16/18 with some true words of wisdom.

    "The pounds come and go. The minutes don't," she wrote on Instagram. "I chose to stop wasting my life believing that it couldn't start until I had the perfect body and start believing that I am worthy of joy, love, opportunity and respect right now...and every day for that matter. And so are you." 

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  • And truthfully, this isn't the first time she's bared her body (and soul) to the Internet.

    "I started my account on a platform that challenged the status quo," she wrote in the caption of this photo. "That said you don't have to be thin to be happy. That said there is nothing waiting on the other side of weight loss that you can't achieve RIGHT NOW by embracing a self loving journey. And it started with #transformationtuesday." 

  • Kimmey also works hard to practice what she preaches. She's opened up about being body-positive for her daughter...

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    ... which actually made her go viral and help spread her positive message around. 

  • And she even challenges herself in the real world to overcome her fears.

    She recently posted this photo and openly admitted to being afraid of showing off her legs at the gym, despite being able to bare her bikini body on the Internet. 

  • Thanks for sharing all of this positivity, mama!

    And keep all that motivation comin'. 

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