The Internet Is Freaking Out Over a Woman Who Had 27 Contacts Removed From Her Eye

woman putting in contact lens

Contacts can be a pain sometimes -- you can accidentally rub them out, they might fold in your eye, you can't sleep in them (and if you do you usually regret it), they get lost, and they often dry your eyes out. And that's just with one contact in each eye. Could you imagine having 27 contacts in one eye?

  • A 67-year-old woman had a total of 27 contact lenses removed from her right eye.

    contact lens clump
    Rupal Morjaria/British Medial Journal

    According to the New York Times, doctors were preparing her for a routine cataract surgery last November when they discovered them.

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  • They were being held together by mucus ... and apparently she didn't even know.

    woman with multiple contacts found in eye
    Rupal Morjaria/British Medial Journal

    "We were all shocked she had not noticed!" Dr. Rupal Morjaria, an ophthalmologist in Britain and one of the authors of the report, told the Times

  • Like, HOW???

  • They're also not sure how long the lenses were in her eye ... we are cringing!

  • And, of course, the Internet could. not. deal.

  • So to all of my fellow contact wearers: Don't forget to take them out!

    *Schedules eye doctor appointment immediately.*