This Mom Hated Her Belly Until She Got a Sweet Reminder From Her Kids

squeezing belly
Whether your are a mother or not, society has made it hard to love yourself just as you are. And though body positivity is certainly on the rise, sometimes it takes hearing that your are perfect just as you are from someone you love. For blogger Jill Robbins, she got just the right reminder from two people she adores: her little boys. 

  • Robbins confessed on Facebook that she had always hated her stomach, but after adopting two boys, she found swimming in layers just wasn't practical.

    "I have a bikini body -- I put a bikini on my body and go swimming," she wrote on FB. "I don't look great and I've learned to be okay with it. Mostly, I don't think about it, or at least I try not to."

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  • But when she decided to take her boys to the water park and eventually had to shed her cover-up, her eldest son surprised her.

    "My son surprised me by throwing his arms around me and delcaring 'Mommy, I love your belly.' 

    I love your belly, too, Mommy,' chimed in the other kid. Because of course, that's how it works but I guess I'll take compliments any way I can get them....

    'I love your belly because it's so soft and squishy and you give good hugs,' continued my son as he patted my skin with his little hand that still retains some of the chubbiness of babyhood."

  • "Initially, my ears honed in on the 'squishy,'" she admitted.

    "But then I thought about it. I thought about the difference in the way I look at my body and the way my kids see me."

    And she urged other mothers to consider this perspective, too. 

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    "The thing you're most down on yourself about might just very well be the thing that your kids love and appreciate about you the most. Think about the view from their eyes."

  • Preach it, mama! 

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