Mom Puts on a Bikini Top for the First Time in 20 Years in the Name of Self-Love

Adrian Wood/Facebook
It is no major secret that our bodies are constantly changing. And though we all experience a myriad of our own changes throughout our lives, it can be hard to love yourself every step of the way.

  • According to Babble, after having an "eye-opening" conversation with her daughter about weight, blogger Adrian Wood knew she had to face her fears.

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  • For the first time in 20 years, Wood put on a bikini top, and as anyone who's ever struggled with body image can attest, this is no small feat.

    She uploaded the photo to Facebook with a gorgeous, heartfelt message. 

    "'Are you going swimming?' 'Where is your shirt?' The questions of my daughter," Wood wrote. "She turns eight on Sunday and she only knows a mother that swims in a shirt. When had I become that person?"

  • Wood found that her confidence wasn't easily restored.

    ".... I was more uneasy than I care to admit, ashamed almost," she revealed in her post. "Pale belly, full breasts, thick torso, I haven't been that exposed on a beach since I became a mother. Why not?"

  • But she knew that little eyes were watching, and that all of her "flaws" told the beautiful story of motherhood, four times over.

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    All of that helped her reach a beautiful conclusion:

    "I am enough. I am more than enough. I am strong. I am imperfect and I love with my whole heart. Where's my shirt? Well, my darling, I don't need it anymore." 


    In case you need more inspiration: Wood has consistently challenged herself to love herself unconditionally, and you can read more of her beautiful musings here

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