This Photo Series Beautifully Celebrates the Stories Scars Tell

Behind the scars photo series

Sometimes we become so consumed with trying to hide our so-called "blemishes" that we forget the vital role they play in making us who we are. A young photographer from the UK, Sophie Mayanne, decided to help people embrace their healed wounds and the stories behind them in a new photo series she calls "Behind the Scars."

  • "In photography, I have always loved that first image you take that is natural, raw, and untouched," she tells CafeMom.

    The 24-year-old portrait photographer has been freelancing for about four years, with her work published in places such as Dazed Digital, L'Officiel ES, and i-D NL. She says that from a young age, she was always fascinated by people and the things that make us different from each other. 

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  • Her love of unedited photographs helped to inspire this project.

    "In [raw] images, a person's flaws and imperfections are an intrinsic and honest part of the photograph, and it was from such images that my interest in scars was first triggered," says Mayanne.

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  • The people in the photos have survived fires, surgeries, severe accidents, self-harm, and more.

    "If people can gain confidence in themselves and overcome their own personal battles through these images and the stories they portray, then I would deem this project a success," Mayanne shares.
  • The message is simple -- it centers entirely around acceptance and understanding that everyone is beautiful, no matter what.

    And these people (and their photos) are definitely beautiful. 

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  • Mayanne doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

    She says she is going to keep photographing these images for the time being: "I already have a number of further shoots booked that are filling up fast." 

    Ultimately, Mayanne says she would like to create a fine art book and hold an exhibition. She would also like to take the project outside of the UK.

  • You can see more images and read people's stories on her Instagram page

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