6 Reasons Plus-Size Women Will Never Look Good in Bikinis


plus size woman in bikini

Some people have bikini bodies and some people don't. Bikinis aren't something that just anyone can wear and feel good in. It takes a lot of eating right and working out to have the perfect summer body, and if you can't achieve it, then why bother swimsuit shopping at all?

Here are 6 completely valid reasons* why a plus-size woman will never look good in a bikini. 

*We are being 100% sarcastic, by the way. 

  • Bikinis only look good on teeny-tiny body types.

    Why do they even sell bikinis in anything bigger than a medium? 

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  • You won't feel confident in swimwear unless your body is super toned up.

    How could someone possibly feel good in a bikini unless she has defined abs? Those soft delicate spots and ample curves totally aren't attractive. 

  • If you're plus-size, it's likely you have scars or stretch marks and the world just can't be exposed to them.

    Because real women don't show their "flaws." It's not like having scars and stretch marks are a totally common and natural thing. 

  • One-piece swimsuits are just so much more flattering!

    There are other options for plus-size women ... so it's definitely not okay to wear the same things a smaller person wears. 

  • It's inappropriate to show too much skin when you're plus-sized.

    It may offend someone if your boobs or butt is too exposed. It's less offensive when someone who is small shows skin. 

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  • It's just not sexy when plus-size women wear bikinis.

    Maybe we just shouldn't go swimming at all this summer? What do we know about sex appeal? 

  • CLEARLY we are kidding. It's YOUR body; present it however you see fit.

    Plus, we promise you're gorgeous just the way you are. 

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