Plus-Size Woman Was Turned Away From a Nail Salon for More Than Just Her Weight

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When you finally convince yourself to indulge in some pampering, you expect your self-care day to be rewarding and rejuvenating. But when Johnetta Hopkins arrived at a local Philadelphia nail salon, her experience was anything but relaxing. 

  • Hopkins took to Facebook to call out L'Amour Nails for not only allegedly fat-shaming her, but for racially profiling her as well.

    After greeting employees, waiting a few moments, and choosing a color, Hopkins claims things took a weird turn. As she wrote in her Facebook post:

    "... Then one of the techs walks up to me and says, it's gonna be a hour wait because she's going on lunch. I asked her why couldn't another tech do my nails. She told me because they're all going on lunch. I asked her 'so you close your business down for a hour every day so that you all can take lunch' and she said yes. While we were talking, two women walked in. I walked to pick up my purse from the seat I was previously setting into and said to the two women who walked in that they're closing for a hour to take lunch. Then another tech pulled me to the side and said our chairs can only hold a certain amount of weight and she didn't want anything to happen to her chair. Very embarrassed and ashamed I waved her off and walked out. Once I got to the car I called my fiancé and vented. He calmed me down then I went back in and asked for the manager."

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  • That was evidently when things took an even more offensive turn.

    "I told [the manager] how offensive her words were and that if that was the case why didn't they say that immediately when I walked in," Hopkins wrote in her post. "Not to mention there wasn't any type of notice posted anywhere to notify customers that there were limitations on there chairs. Then a plus-size white woman walked past. I asked the tech if your chairs have a limit how were you able to service her. She was speechless. As I looked around I realize I was in a shop full of white women. So not only did I feel humiliated and ashamed, I was now pissed off because the issue wasn't my size."

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  • "I couldn't understand why it was so easy for them to treat me that way," Hopkins tells CafeMom.

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    Johnetta Hopkins/Facebook

    "What did I do? I checked off a number of services on their sign-in sheet," Hopkins tells us. "So if she thought I was too large to sit in a particular chair, why wouldn't you at least try to accommodate me? She could've swapped out the manicure station chair for one of the lobby chairs. Or even just offered to do my eyebrows. But instead she lies to me, insults me, and made me feel unwelcome."

  • Hopkins reveals to Cafemom she did speak with a lawyer, but likely will not press charges.

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    However, she does hope that other business owners can learn from this horrible incident. 

    "What happened to me is not okay," she tells us. "And it's not okay to discriminate against people because of there ethnicity, size, religion, etc. ..."


    CafeMom reached out to L'Amour Salon but was unable to reach a representative. 

    **UPDATE: July 10, 2017 5:30 pm** 

    CafeMom reached out to L'Amour Salon again for comment and they declined.