Plus-Size Model Eviscerates the Jerk Who Fat-Shamed Her on an American Airlines Flight


natalie hage
Plus-size people's mere existence constantly gets attacked. If a fat girl says she loves herself on Instagram, she's "glorifying obesity." If a company makes plus-size workout gear, Internet trolls scoff and wonder why they'd bother -- despite the fact that these same trolls are constantly telling said fat people to lose weight. So when plus-size model Natalie Hage was bullied for simply sitting in her seat on a flight it wasn't surprising, but it sure was disgusting. 

  • After sitting down in her middle seat Hage says her seatmate became immediately hostile.

    "I see him furiously texting and then purposefully turning the phone away from me. So, naturally next time he texts, I take a look. The texts were about me and I'm almost positive he took photos of me," she wrote on Instagram.

    She spotted insults like '"hopefully she didn't have any Mexican food," from the recipient he contacted. Her seatmate's response was "I think she ate a Mexican." He then claims that he left a "neck mark on the window' for being smashed against the wall -- despite the fact from the photos she snapped you can see she clearly isn't encroaching on his space. She says she noticed several other heinous texts where he jokes about the plane not being able to take off, and a handful of others. 

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  • "This is a fat person's daily reality and not just on a plane," she continued.

    "This is on a bus, standing in line at the grocery store, at a concert, on the internet. You can be completely in your own space, not bothering anyone, and people will still f*ck with you and try to hurt you. All you can do is know you haven't done anything wrong just by existing and to move on."

  • In actuality that's not all she did. Blocking his face, Hage recorded an interaction where she confronts him and EPICALLY shuts him down.

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    The video shows him denying the texts at first, but when she quotes him directly, he begins apologizing. Unfortunately he decided to continue by insulting her again, asking if she'd "really be capable" of helping in an emergency, as she was sitting near the emergency escape route.

    "I work out five times a week," she retorts. "Are you a medical professional?" When he says that's none of her business, she replies:

    "And my body is none of yours."


    The video continues to show his ignorance and ends with another half-hearted apology. 

    In the video, Hage mentions that American Airlines is aware of the flight number, his seat, and the incident that occurred. While she isn't sure if they will do anything to prevent this man from boarding another one of their flights, she did say that the company was taking care of her. 

    Hopefully plus-size women everywhere will be inspired by Hage to never fear calling out their bullies. No one deserves to be treated so rudely. 

    CafeMom has reached out to Natalie Hage for comment. 

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