Plus-Size Models Are Removing Their Double Chins -- So Here Are 10 Photos to Prove They're Beautiful

double chin models

Plus-size models getting face time in mainstream media matters. They drum up a lot attention and are seemingly all about supporting body positivity. They tag their Instagrams with #bopolife, they call out trolls, and they flaunt their cellulite. However, it's likely these women are often "socially acceptably" attractive -- and according to Allure, they put in "work" to maintain it

"We have seen an increased number of plus-size models looking to improve the contour of the neck and lower face," Min S. Ahn, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon in Boston, told Allure. "Models continue to value the importance of overall facial balance, so if the lower third of the face and neck are out of balance with more volume, the overall facial aesthetic is affected negatively."

Of course women absolutely have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies, but surgeries like this can be divisive to the movement as a whole.

So to help women who feel like they need to remove their double chins to eradicate the "negative" effects they can have on photos, we rounded up 10 gorgeous women who rock their double chins with pride. 

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