15 Tips to Help Plus-Size Women Take Back Summer

happy plus size woman

When it comes to seasons, summer and I have a complicated relationship. On the one hand, the weather is lovely, my garden is blooming, and every day seems like a good day for an ice cream cone. On the other hand, let's keep it real -- sometimes summer can be challenging for plus-size ladies. There are so many unique struggles that people who aren't of a certain size just can't relate to. 


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As a plus-size woman, I will say that summer can mean dealing with under-boob sweat, swimsuit angst, and figuring out which summer clothes make me feel best about my curves. And don't even get me started on the chub rub! That can be beyond uncomfortable to deal with. 

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I talked to 15 curvy women who are rocking this summer, and I got their best tips for loving this season and the skin they're in. These ladies provide some empowering advice that is sure to help other plus-size babes take back the summer. Click on for some tips for living the best summer life possible! 

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