These $13 Coat Hooks Are Being Used to Spy on Unsuspecting Women in Hotels & Public Restrooms

spy hooks

Being aware of your surroundings is something you're taught from a very young age. Unfortunately, with the advancement of technology, that need for "awareness" is more and more vital -- especially for women. The latest heinous thing to be wary of? Coat hooks.

  • These seemingly innocuous double hooks you can snag on Amazon for around $13 are used to spy on women in restrooms and hotels.

    That little cut-out hole at the top isn't a design flaw -- it's a lens for the tiny camera inside.

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  • This motion detection camera can record up to six hours of standby footage, and is really meant to be used as a nanny cam or home surveillance.

  • The hooks are strategically placed just below the lens so footage isn't obstructed.

  • And if you're wondering if anyone is actually evil enough to do this in the real world, here's proof.

    Just a year ago in Florida, a man placed several cameras in a women's stall near a local beach which many women of all ages used to change as well as relieve themselves.

  • While the incident occurred a while ago, the hooks are still available on the market for retail -- so it's good to know what to look out for.

    When it comes to things like this, take notice if something like a hook is in an especially peculiar spot, and be wary of little design details like holes with no screws, etc. And of course if you are suspicious, be sure to call the police immediately.