Crashing Before Noon? Here Are 13 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Crashing Before Noon? Here Are 13 Ways to Boost Your Energy

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By the time 10:30 a.m. rolls around, you've practically lived an entire life. You got yourself, your kids, and your partner dressed, fed, and out the door. You sat in unnecessarily long traffic, you spilled your coffee on your favorite blouse, and you somehow managed to empty your inbox. It's no wonder you can barely keep your eyes open!

To avoid the inevitable draining slump before your big board meeting, know that there are easy ways to keep you awake and alert, without succumbing to the whims of energy drinks and candy bars.

To get through your workday, here are 15 easy ways you can avoid the dreaded mid-morning crash.

  • Drink More Lemon Water


    "The quickest, simplest, and most affordable thing we can do in the morning is to drink lemon water," says healthy living expert Liana Werner-Gray, brand ambassador for pasta alternative brand Explore Cuisine. "It helps alkalize the body, which keeps it feeling energized and fresh in the morning."

  • Avoid Sugary Breakfast Items


    "Too many breakfast choices are only or mostly carbohydrate," says Stephanie Dunne, registered dietitian and owner of Nutrition QED. "When carbohydrates are digested and absorbed fast, a glucose spike occurs in the blood. To prevent this cycle of a glucose spike followed by a severe glucose dip, breakfast should always include fat and protein."

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  • Drink Ginger Tea Before Bed


    "This is a great way to unwind at the end of the day, and prepares you for a beautiful night's sleep,” says Werner-Gray. "Ginger is very anti-inflammatory, so it can help to reduce bloating and aids in digestion so that you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized."

  • Drink Fresh Juices


    "Drink one fresh juice (carrot, beet) every single day to ensure you are getting all your nutrition needs met," explains Werner-Gray. "This puts so many vitamins and minerals into the body that you can't help but immediately feel better."

  • Try Bentonite Clay


    "Drink bentonite clay if you feel run down, eat junk foods, or need to absorb toxins," recommends Werner-Gray. "Redmond Bentonite Clay has been used in ancient medicine to absorb toxins in the body."

  • Get Some Oxygen


    "A blast of oxygen to brain will perk you right up," says Andrea Crane, licensed clinical nutritionist at In All Your Ways LLC in Denver, Colorado. "A quick stroll will increase the velocity of your circulation and supply your brain with more oxygen and glucose to help improve cognition."

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  • Drink Water


    "We have all heard the near-constant admonitions to drink more water, but dehydration can actually cause loss of energy [and] poor cognition and mood," says Crane. "Bottom line: Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day."

  • Keep Up Your B Vitamin Intake


    "B-vitamins are required to maintain energy levels," says Crane. "You can buy supplements, but there are plenty of good foods (cod liver oil and leafy greens!) out there that will elevate these vitamins to mood- and energy-boosting levels."

  • Eat a Mid-Morning Snack


    "If you are up very early, you will likely have a significant amount of time between breakfast and lunch," says Jaime Mass, Florida-based virtual RDN and founder of JMN supplements. "If you are up at five, but don't have lunch until one, this could contribute to a serious mid-morning crash if you aren't careful."

  • Avoid Candy at all Costs


    "Steer clear of that office candy bowl," adds Mass. "I know it sounds silly, but that candy bowl is a sugar crash waiting to happen. Not only is it packing in extra calories in small little packs, but it is creating a sugar high that will ultimately lead to a crash."

  • Limit Your Coffee Intake


    "Caffeine can contribute to morning crashes if you are consistently drinking multiple cups before noon," states Jaime Mass. "Also, be mindful of what you put into your morning cup of coffee or tea. Don't forget moderation on the sugar front here to avoid those crashes."

  • Cut Back on the Processed Fruit Juices


    "Drinking orange juice or apple juice is not a healthy habit," adds Mass. "Juice has the nutritional equivalency of soda. Yes, you read that right. Soda."

  • Eat Every Three to Five Hours


    "When you get that hungry feeling and your blood sugar dips, you feel like you're crashing," says Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition in Jersey City, New Jersey. "Prevent this by eating every three to five hours. That means if you had breakfast early, you shouldn't wait till lunch for your next eating occasion." 

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