A Young Teen Is Inspiring the Entire Internet by Conquering Her Biggest Fear

inspiring teen
The kids are gonna be alright, especially if they are all like Paris Harvey. After enduring years of bullying simply because of the way she looks, this 13-year-old queen stuck it to haters by rising above. 


Harvey lives with a metabolic condition that causes her to rapidly gain weight; she also has hip dysplasia, meaning one leg is shorter than the other and she walks with a limp. A ton of Harvey's peers bully her for this, mocking her weight and teasing her for "walking like a penguin."

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"I got bullied in the past, and after a while you start to believe what people say," Paris told Metro UK. "I became really insecure about how I looked."

So last weekend, she decided to do something to gain her confidence back: She went to the beach in a bathing suit for the first time in three years. 

inspiring teen

And she soon realized that her fear of being seen in public was totally unnecessary. 

"I was worried someone would come up to me and stop me or stare at me but there was no response, people were just acting as they did before," she told the paper.

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The teen shared her accomplishment on Twitter with the three above photos and this tear-jerking statement:

swimsuit teen

The Internet exploded in support, and even caught the attention of celebs like Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke and YouTuber Tyler Oakley.

alle brooke twitter
tyler oakley twitter

But what was really cool? Seeing other plus-size babes get inspired to live their best lives in the bodies they have.

twitter compliment

Though there were definitely a few unbelieveable grown adults shaming this inspiring teen, Harvey is doing her best to perservere and be happy with who she is.

We could all learn a little something from her. 

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