Ashley Graham Doesn't Think She Is Brave for Wearing a Bikini & You Shouldn't Either

ashley graham bikini selfie

We're not sure if you noticed, but Ashley Graham has a thing for bikinis and swimsuits. The model made her first splash onto the mainstream magazine scene while wearing one, and has since developed her own line of swimwear in collaboration with Swimsuits for All. 


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Despite her unabashed displays of self-love and confidence, there is one backhanded compliment she gets whenever she posts a bathing suit selfie:

"You're so brave!"

The seemingly innocuous comment has a ton of implications behind it. By calling someone brave for simply existing, it implies that her existence is somehow rebellious. If Graham, or any woman at any size, wears something that makes her feel good, there's truly nothing "brave" about it because that's exactly what should happen.

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So Graham, being the queen that she is, subtly clapped back at her haters but posting this un-airbrushed, behind-the-scenes photo of her booty hanging out naturally in a sexy swimsuit. 

ashley graham butt

She simply captioned the photo: 

"When they call you 'brave...'"


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