This Mom Fell in Love With Her Stretch Marks Thanks to a Little Reminder From Her Husband

sharny kieser
No matter what body type you have, at some point along your journey, you'll likely fall victim to your own self-doubt. Even fitness guru and cocreator of "The Math Diet" Sharny Kieser -- who is undeniably gorgeous -- couldn't shake her biggest insecurity. That is, until she overheard her husband say something pretty remarkable. 


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In an emotional Instagram post, Kieser opened up about how she let her stretch marks hold her back from living her best life:

"I used to not see the point in exercise because my body was covered in stretch marks. 'What's the point in having a great body if I will never wear a bikini' I'd think. If I was ever invited to the beach or a pool party, I'd always decline. On the odd occasion I couldn't avoid it, I'd stay inside, helping with the food or the cleaning. I would only wear board shorts and t-shirts. I wished so hard that I could one day wear a bikini."

Then she overheard her husband talking to some friends about stretch marks, and her entire viewpoint changed.

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"Then one day I overheard my loving husband explaining to a bunch of his friends why he thought stretch marks were beautiful. They were a sign of being a woman. They are a result of the great love a mother has, that she would scar her own body to bring a child to life ... on and on he explained and the more he talked, the more I got it. I had hated myself for the very reasons he loved me."

And by sharing her thoughts and posting this gorgeously unapologetic photo, she began to heal.

bikini pic stretch marks

"My body wasn't ruined or disgusting, it had transformed from a selfish girls body into a selfless mothers body and the scars were a symbol of that transition," she wrote.

She also discovered that the more she accepted herself, the better she wanted to treat herself. Her self-love motivated her to do things like "eat better" and work out. 

"The bikini body that I thought was not ever going to be possible for me after being covered in stretch marks, it has became a reality for me. It started though, with me loving myself first. Being grateful for what I had, not wishing for something better."

Shifting your point of view is the best bikini transformation you could ever have, and we super thank the Kiesers for reminding us of that as we kick off the summer. 

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