This Woman Is Celebrating Her #MermaidThighs & You Should Too

kenzie brenna
There are a ton of body myths that are consistently perpetuated, but the thigh gap has to be one of the more egregious ones. The thigh gap's history is a sorted one, but once social media sites like Twitter and Instagram came along, having negative space between your thighs when you stand turned into a trend most women can physically never take part in. 


That's why eating disorder survivor and body-positivity activist Kenzie Brenna decided to address the myth and everything it stands for once and for all.

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mermaid thighs
She wrote a powerful caption to match her unedited photo:

"You do not need negative space to be valued... I wanted to take up less space in the world and I wanted to be thin in the right spots and 'phat' in the right spots. Turns out my body isn't made out of plastic parts and I couldn't transfer fat from my thighs to my boobs or ass (at least not without a lot of money and time). I didn't know #mermaidthighs could be celebrated because I never ever saw that sh*t being embraced until I SEARCHED FOR IT."

And her followers were totally on board with her positive messaging. 

fan reactions

"You're allowed to take up space in the world, you're allowed to have knocked knees and big thighs," she reminded her followers. "You're allowed to gain weight. You're allowed to not just have weight gain in the 'acceptable' places. You're allowed to not fit into the status quo and still feel fly as fuck. You make the rules."


Plus, who wouldn't want to share attributes with an ethereal fish that can lure men to their deaths?

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