Women Share the Worst Body-Shaming Comments They've Ever Gotten -- & It'll Make Your Blood Boil

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While it is undoubtedly horrendous, it can be almost amazing to hear what people feel emboldened to say to one another. Despite the hard-and-fast "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" rule, people constantly feel it is their right to express their vitriolic feelings -- especially when it comes to marginalized groups. 


Typically the groups that suffer the most are POCs, plus-size people, and, most broadly, women.

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Sally Bergesen, the CEO of the women's running clothes purveyor Oiselle -- which ironically only really services athletes up to a size 12 -- recently started a Twitter thread around the hashtag #TheySaid so people could air out some of the things others have said about their bodies.

The responses were overwhelming as people delved into some of the harsh things they have heard over time.


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Some touched on "controversial" topics, highlighting that shaming isn't only in poor taste, it can be downright deadly. 

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Though the thread was heartbreaking to read, many found the conversation to be cathartic, allowing people to find solidarity in these experiences. 

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To help combat the negativity, some Twitter users added #SheReplied tags, offering their best one-liners up for use should a person ever encounter a shaming situation again.


And while it is sad to realize so much of this goes on in the world, knowing that you are not alone can be empowering. Hopefully the conversation Bergesen started will inspire her to be more inclusive in her own ventures. 

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