15 Moms Who Epically Shut Down Body-Shamers

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I still remember the feeling of hot shame when my high school boyfriend's best friend came up to me in the hall and said "I don't know why Marco dates you because you're kind of ugly and fat." Ouch. In that moment, I totally froze. Whenever I think about that moment, I always wished I had just stood up for myself. I wish I had said ANYTHING at all. Instead, I just ran to the bathroom cried, and wondered why I was so ugly.


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The sad fact is, practically all women have been body-shamed at least once -- and it sucks! It doesn't matter how fit, skinny, fat, curvy, etc., people always seem to find something to say. But hopefully sometimes luck strikes and they have the exact perfect response that puts the shamer in his or her place. 

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For inspiration, I asked 15 moms to share their body-shaming moments and how they stood up to their haters. Read on, and hopefully these ladies can encourage other moms to know that they are beautiful no matter what their body shape or size is!

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