Shonda Rhimes Is Making Body-Positive Films & the First One Already Has Us Crying

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Real Beauty Productions
There are a million things fat people are told they "can't" do. They can't have sex, they can't possibly love their bodies, and they certainly can't move them any way they want to. Now, thanks to Dove and Shonda Rhimes, fat women (and disabled women, women with chronic illnesses, and more) are going to tell their stories and prove everyone wrong.


Rhimes, who is the creative director of Dove's all-female-run Real Beauty Productions, kicked off their "real women" series with "Meet Cathleen," which stars Cathleen Meredith, the plus-size beauty who started Fat Girls Dance.

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fat girls dance

Once a week for an entire year, Meredith and her Fat Girls Dance squad learn a new piece of intense choreography, perform it, and then film it in one take. None of the girls are professional dancers, and there are no redos. The women then confront their bodies on film and hopefully discover the meaning of true self-love. 

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In "Meet Cathleen," Rhimes allows Meredith to tell her story in her own words, which is a beautiful summation self-love, revelations, and finding one's way back to appreciating one's own body once again.

"I didn't know I needed to connect to my body, I didn't know that it was a relationship that was missing ... because I'd always loved myself and thought that Cathleen was dope. But I didn't think Cathleen's body was dope."  

By confronting these stereotypes and creating visibility, Meredith hopes to challenge beauty standards as we know them -- and with campaigns like this between Dove and Rhimes, we may actually be on our way to getting it done. 

Check out the whole video here. 

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