How 15 Women Give Themselves a Quick Body Image Boost

How 15 Women Give Themselves a Quick Body Image Boost

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There are some days when you hop out of bed, looking good and feeling fine. Those are good days. But let's be real -- we all have days that are more like fall-out-of-bed and feelin'-kind-of-blah days. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to fight the self-image blues. 

For me, nothing makes me feel more confident than having a pajama dance party or rocking out to a car concert on the way to work (PS: Lizzo's "Good as Hell" is a perfect pick-me-up).

Do I look like a crazy person to the other drivers? Maybe. Does it help? Definitely. 

I hit up 15 other moms for their best advice on how to feel an instant body-image boost and their responses were GOLDEN. 

  • Pull It Together

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    "I always feel better after actually dressing like a real person: hair, makeup, nicer clothes. I feel best when pulled together. Most days I only manage one of the three (hair, makeup, or outfit)." -- Rebecca G., Cleveland, Ohio

  • Treat Yo'self

    woman with facial

    "Red lipstick helps, and I like to put on a face mask and then give myself a mani/pedi while it sets." -- Kacey H., Willamette, Oregon

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  • Getting Frisky

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    "Having sex with my husband always makes me feel good -- both physically (duh!) and mentally. He is still hot for me after a bunch of years together and two kids. I feel sexy because I know he thinks I AM sexy. I like the vision of myself I see in his eyes, which is cheesy but true." -- Danielle W., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Say a Little Prayer


    "First I say a prayer (no joke) and express gratitude for my health no matter what I look like on the outside. Then I play with my makeup, put on a pair of jeans that I think my butt looks good in, and usually dance to some girl-power pop music!" -- Elise C., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • Get Naked

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    "I remember my time in bathhouses when I lived overseas and remember that we're all pretty much the same junk in slightly different packages. If we saw more nudity here, people would worry much less!" -- Jessica K., Wyoming, Michigan

  • Groove On

    woman listens to music

    "When I feel low I listen to empowering songs and reread empowering, positive quotes that I've saved for such times." -- Erin S., Chicago, Illinois

  • Go for a Dip

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    "I always feel amazing about myself after I go swimming. I feel strong and pleasantly exhausted. It is always good to have a reminder that my body isn't meant to serve a decorative function, you know? Like, it doesn't really matter what I look like or if I have a giant zit or whatever. I'm strong and my body moves me." -- Lainey F., Bloomington, Indiana

  • Take a Day Off

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    "When I need to get out of my head and my own self-critical spiral, I like to take the afternoon off of work, get in my pajamas, and spend a few hours in a big, juicy book. Other people's drama distracts me from my own and a little relaxed self-care time is good for the soul." -- Laurie W., Tucson, Arizona

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  • Dance It Out

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    "My pole dancing class is a total self-esteem boost. I feel like a sexy vixen, even with my thighs that touch and with my flat booty. I'm four months pregnant so my dancing is starting to get comical, but I still love the class." -- Rayne G., Dallas, Texas

  • Play Time

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    "Sometimes I struggle with not being perfect. I'm not the perfect wife or mom or friend. I'm tired and overworked and short on patience and clean laundry. But when I spend time just really connecting with my kids, I feel better. I have to remember that I am more than enough for them. I'm still the center of their emotional worlds and I know they wouldn't trade me for anyone else." -- Valerie D., Casper, Wyoming

  • Masturbation


    "I masturbate! Making myself feel good makes me feel a boost of confidence. Besides, everyone looks better after they have an orgasm. That's just science." -- Molly B., Lexington, Kentucky

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  • Classing It Up

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    "Cute dress + high heels = instant swagger. I rock dirty yoga pants 96 percent of the time, so on days when I make an effort, I feel sexy and good about myself. So on low self-esteem days, I try to make that effort." -- Jackie D., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • Hitting the Gym

    woman working out gym

    "I've noticed that I don't have as many days when I feel crappy about myself since I started doing Crossfit. I've never weighed more, actually, but I am stronger and more focused than ever. Never underestimate the power of lifting heavy sh-t and getting sweaty." -- Andrea M., Davenport, Iowa

  • Write It Out

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    "I go to 'the book' when I'm feeling low. I have a journal that I've filled with positive affirmations, notes to myself, and memories of good and bad times. It helps me keep perspective that no bad mood or depression time lasts forever." -- Kari S., Nashville, Tennessee

  • Movie Marathon

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    "I'm totally a fangirl of Melissa McCarthy. So if I'm feeling crappy about myself or uncomfortable in my own skin, I have a movie marathon of her movies. I love how funny and smart and fearless she is. She makes me want to put myself out there more." -- Toyia D., Arlington, Virginia

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