15 Women Share the Compliment That Made Them Feel Amazing

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When it comes to compliments, I'm pretty lucky. My husband has never been stingy about telling me that he thinks I'm smart, funny, and a great mom. But the compliment that makes me feel the best surprised even me. I was a swimming laps at the YMCA and noticed my husband watching me from the deck. Later he told me that he thought watching me swim was sexy and that I looked strong and fast. 

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Sexy, strong, and fast? Yep. I'll take it!

A great compliment can be an instant ego boost, so I was curious to hear what some other women's favorite compliments were. An unexpected compliment can really change a person's whole day -- and sometimes (actually, most of the time) the compliments that make us feel the best are about something totally unexpected. 

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I talked to 16 women who were happy to share what made them feel awesome. From getting compliments on an outfit, a body part, or their calm attitude, it's interesting to hear what other women enjoy hearing. Who knew placenta compliments were a thing? 

  • A Tiny Pick-Me-Up


    "A student told another teacher today that 'Ms. Brooklyn is the best. She's always getting us breakfast and stuff. She's just great.'

    "This is maybe not the BEST compliment, but it was so goddamn authentic and it really made my day." -- Brooklyn P.

  • A Strong Compliment


    "During my C-section, the doctors -- while putting my insides back in place -- noted my strong ab muscles. I was laying there like 'why thank you,!'

    "I have never really had abs, so I was super jazzed!" -- Liz K. 

  • A Sisterly Sweetness


    "[The best compliment I received] was from my sister. She had just moved to DC and I was visiting her. We were super drunk and she told me that she thought I'd be an excellent congresswoman because I'm so f*cking stubborn, yet lovely. LOL! The lovely part is what stuck with me.

    "For some reason, it resonated more deeply than surface level compliments and I've never forgotten it." --  Jessica B.

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  • Woman of Faith


    "There are two best compliments that easily come to mind. Once a friend said to me 'You really are someone who lives their faith.'

    "And the second was [when] a family member of mine, who had no children, said, 'I wish you were my daughter.'

    "For someone to think so highly of me that they wished I was their daughter made me feel pretty special." -- Emily K.

  • An Artful Kindness

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    "I was walking across the street to go into a bar one time and a woman hollered, 'Poooetrrrryyyy in motion.'" -- Sheri R.

  • Calm and Confident


    "A friend told me once I was so 'calm and confident' and it felt really good to hear that because it's not really how I feel inside. But if I can exude that energy then hopefully it'll be true eventually." -- Virginia R.

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  • Placenta Rave


    "The med student that assisted my midwife during Oliver's birth just RAVED about my placenta. She told me it was the most beautiful placenta she had ever seen, and held it up to show me the 'amazing' marbling. It might not be the BEST compliment I've received, but it's certainly the most memorable one." -- Lindsay D.

  • A Mutual Respect


    "My mother-in-law stopped me after dealing with my toddler being a toddler last weekend and said, 'You're a really good mom.' It felt really good because I know we're so different, but I felt really respected." -- Lizzi K.

  • A Worshipping Praise

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    "A very old drunk man at the bar in the old version of the Lexington told me my arms were like a statue of a goddess. I cherish it because I have flabby old lady arms now. My investment in tank tops really didn't work out." -- Lynn B.

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  • From the Mouths of Babes


    "When I tried on a sun hat the other day, my 3.5-year-old gasped and said, 'Oh, mommy! You look like a beautiful cowboy!' 

    "That child is good for the ego, as she has recently learned that people like compliments and [she] bestows them lavishly (and delightfully phrased)." -- Jennifer B.

  • A Fierce Love


    "I am busy working on my dad's birthday surprise which involves photos, new and old. A cousin sent a photo yesterday of my grandmother and told me I look so much like her.

    "The compliment stopped me in my tracks because not only was she beautiful, but she loved her family and friends more fiercely than anybody I have known." -- Christina S.

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  • Stopped in Her Tracks


    "A bus driver stopped her bus and pulled over to tell me she loved my dress." -- Leslie B.

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  • A Super Real Sentiment


    "I was recently told that I'm a really down-to-earth and real person. Simple compliment, but one that meant a lot as I try to be true to myself and people in my life -- no bullsh-t. It was nice to hear validation that I am actually living that way.

    "I was also recently told that I have a nice ass, during a time when I've put on some weight, [which] was especially nice to hear, and now maybe I'll keep these extra pounds." -- Lauren C.

  • Fierce AF


    "A coworker told me I'm a pitbull in a chihuahua body. I loved that. Sometimes I struggle with being the youngest by well over 10 years and the only female in management but that statement made me think -- 'yeah,  that's right! I am kind of badass!'" --  Elisabeth W.

  • A Real-Life Fantasy


    "My husband told me once that his 14-year-old self would have been so psyched to have gotten to see boobs like mine every single day. I do have a pretty great rack!" -- Justine T. 

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