15 Women Share the Compliment That Made Them Feel Amazing

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When it comes to compliments, I'm pretty lucky. My husband has never been stingy about telling me that he thinks I'm smart, funny, and a great mom. But the compliment that makes me feel the best surprised even me. I was a swimming laps at the YMCA and noticed my husband watching me from the deck. Later he told me that he thought watching me swim was sexy and that I looked strong and fast. 


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Sexy, strong, and fast? Yep. I'll take it!

A great compliment can be an instant ego boost, so I was curious to hear what some other women's favorite compliments were. An unexpected compliment can really change a person's whole day -- and sometimes (actually, most of the time) the compliments that make us feel the best are about something totally unexpected. 

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I talked to 16 women who were happy to share what made them feel awesome. From getting compliments on an outfit, a body part, or their calm attitude, it's interesting to hear what other women enjoy hearing. Who knew placenta compliments were a thing? 

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