16 Secrets We Tell Our Best Friends -- but Not Our Partners

female friends talking over coffee

My husband is a great listener. I trust him and love him. I plan to be married to him for the rest of my life. But my husband is not Elizabeth. Elizabeth is one of my oldest friends and she is the holder of all my deepest secrets. It isn't that I don't think my husband will understand, exactly, but Elizabeth has known me for almost two decades. 


We survived the single and broke years, the newlywed years, and the new mom years. She's known every adult version of me, and there are just some times where it is easier to confide in her. 

Best friends are sacred safe spaces. They are supposed to be our unwavering ally who gives it to us straight with no bias, and sometimes, it's a little easier to trust someone who can't file for divorce

I'm always curious about other people's secrets and who they confide in the most, so I asked around about what things women aren't telling their husbands. It turns out that there is a fairly high number of women whose BFFs are holding on to some pretty major secrets that partners don't have a clue about. The women featured here asked to stay anonymous, and after reading some of these secrets, I think it is easy understand why.

For some juicy secrets and some surprising glimpses into other people's relationships, read on!