15 Women Reveal Why They Refuse to Freak Out About Swimsuit Season

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By the standards of many women's magazines, I should be freaking out right now. I should be looking at my big, pale thighs and desperately thinking about how to get my "best beach body" ready for the summer. But you know what? Screw that. It's way too stressful and unnecessary to have to think about how I can alter my body in a short amount just because society thinks I should. Especially when I like my body just fine how it is. 


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I plan to spend most of the season at the pool or the lake, and I plan to spend zero percent of that time worrying about how I look in my swimsuit. My kids are still at ages where all they want to do is have fun with me in the water, and I am going to soak up every minute of that no matter what people think. 

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I know it can be hard to escape all the messages out there that tell people that their bodies are a problem to be solved. Well have the remedy: Read on for wise words from 15 women who've found peace with their bodies and are psyched to rock a swimsuit this summer. Because EVERY body is a "summer body." 

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