10 Ways to Get an Afternoon Energy Boost Without Coffee

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Between getting the kids to school, the commute, and never-ending emails, meetings, and excel spreadsheets, your mornings can be exhausting. So when the midday crash hits, coffee doesn't feel like an option so much as a necessity -- but, according to the experts, pounding another cup o' Joe is not the healthiest of choices. 


Though it can give the momentary pick-me-up you're craving, according to Maria Marlowe, CHC, an integrative nutritionist, coffee may be doing you more harm than good. "The caffeine in coffee increases your stress hormones, taxes your adrenal glands, and can throw off your body's natural circadian rhythm, which can disrupt your sleep cycle," she says. 

Furthermore, it seems that cherished cup of java is often responsible for a crash in the first place. "Caffeine gives 'false' energy because it's a stimulant," Marlowe says, "As you've probably experienced, you get a caffeine high after drinking it, but soon after you may feel even more tired than before, causing you to reach for another cup."

To help break this potentially damaging and habit-forming cycle, we've compiled recommendations for coffee alternatives from nutritionists to help power you through the day in a healthy way.  

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