10 Cities Where It's Almost Impossible to Live & Lose Weight

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It's a known fact. Resolutions -- especially those of the diet and exercise variety -- aren't easy to keep. But did you know that where you live can make a big impact on how likely you are to stick to a healthy new lifestyle? New research reveals the top 10 cities that make weight loss almost impossible


Researchers at Care.com looked at the 89 largest metro areas in the US, examining how much each city encourages an active lifestyle and positive eating habits. Each city was analyzed for their accessibility to fresh, organic food; gym and fitness facilities per capita; walkability scores; and vegetable consumption, among other things. Some cities, unfortunately, didn't rank very high, making it even more difficult for the people who live there to lose weight. 

While this info may seem disheartening, it's important to take comfort in the fact that not only is it a challenge for everyone to keep their diet and fitness resolutions (75 percent of people give up after one week!), your health ultimately lies in your hands, not your city's. With the right determination and dedication, anything is possible. 

Ready to see if your city is on the list? Here are 10 cities that make it difficult for their dwellers to lose weight and stay healthy. 

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