9 Ways to Lose Weight With Zero Diet or Exercise

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If you're like most people on the planet, your to-do list always includes something about getting in better shape.

Lucky for you, we can help make that happen -- and without telling you to briskly walk around the block or trade in carrot sticks for your beloved chips and guac. Check out this list of simple, science-backed things you can do to lose weight -- no diet, no exercise required. 

You're welcome.

  • Open those curtains


    Even better, get outside in the a.m. Daylight's a powerful biological signal. Exposure to bright sunshine early in the day can help reduce your body weight.

  • Deep breaths, people


    Let's hope you're already eating less and moving more to get to a healthy weight. Here's something else that can help: breathing. See, you don't actually "burn" body fat. It's broken down through a complicated process, then excreted through your breath. (Who knew?) So long as you, uh, eat less calories than the ones you breathe out, you should be golden.

  • Get enough ZZZZs


    Plenty of recent sleep studies show that your body needs enough rest to stay at a healthy weight. One reason why? Sleep deprivation increases your body's production of a hormone that stimulates your appetite. (Maybe to help you stay awake because you're so effing tired?)

  • Sip some peppermint tea


    Studies show that peppermint can make you feel less hungry.  (Just don't ruin this effect by loading your cuppa with tons of sugar.)

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  • Put an end to the binge-watching


    Sedentary activities like, say, being TOTALLY addicted to your Netflix queue are linked to eating when you're not really hungry. Video games bring out this habit, too, so find a hobby that has nothing to do with Super Mario Bros.

  • Practice mindful eating


    It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to realize it's full, so set your kitchen timer and take THAT long to eat a meal. Take small bites and chew slowly. Too hard? Hold your fork in your non-dominant hand to force yourself to go slower. Mindful eating may feel maddening at first, but you'll get the Zen hang of it over time.

  • Live in the moment


    Stop regretting what's happened in your past or worrying about the future. Your weight may depend on your paying attention to the thoughts and feelings you're having right NOW. According to a study from Brown University, people who are mindful have a lower body weight and less belly fat. Weird, but we're not complaining.

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  • Have a quiet meal


    Yes, we know. You love your Drake and your tweens can't get enough of Fifth Harmony. But ask Alexa to turn everything off at dinnertime, and you'll likely eat and drink LESS.

  • Stay hydrated


    Studies show that drinking about two cups of water before every meal will stop you from gorging on whatever's in front of you and lead to weight loss in the long run. It's a method called "pre-loading," which isn't exactly sexy. But hey, as promised, it also doesn't require breaking a sweat.

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